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Steps To Take When IRS Denies Innocent Spouse Relief

If you have agreed to file a tax return jointly, both are held responsible for the tax bill. In case you feel that IRS is charging you additional tax for the errors that your spouse has made or for the subsequent increase to tax, you can get relief from that through innocent spouse relief program by qualifying certain measures.

If you are the one struggling with IRS or state tax debt or you need assistance in preparing and filing tax returns and looking to see whether you qualify for any tax relief programs to get a possible reduction in tax debt, visit Tax Relief Professional. The professionals assess your situation and give you the most suitable national tax relief program that will help reduce your tax burden.

Who Is Eligible For Innocent Spouse Relief?

  • You must have filed tax jointly.
  • Your spouse must have filed an understatement of tax, or the error must be attributed to your spouse.
  • Your innocence must be proved.
  • You must apply for relief within two years after the IRS has initiated collection from you by filing form 8857.

On your request for innocent spouse relief, IRS will contact your spouse or former spouse about your request without revealing any personal details about you.

If you are successful, your spouse will be solely liable for the tax debts. But sometimes IRS may deny your request for innocent spouse relief based on a variety of reasons. It may be as simple as missing information like a date, or signature, or your spouse may also have claimed that you are partially responsible for the tax debt.

You can appeal against this decision by filing a Statement of Disagreement form. You can do it yourself or consider seeking the help of a tax attorney to make it a successful one either by proving the supporting documents or coming up with the best alternative ways to resolve your tax problems.

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