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Increase Your Winter Utilities Savings with These Practical Tips

A lot of us are mindful about how we spend our hard-earned money, right? As much as possible, we don’t want to spend our money on things that are wasteful and excessive. Sure, we sometimes give in and get some of the things we want such as nice clothes or jewelry or gadgets and all of the non-essential items. After all, it’s okay to reward all the hard work you do from time to time. But generally, we make sure that none of our money is wasted and we do what we can to save up as much of it and set it aside in our emergency funds or savings.

When the pandemic swept across the globe, a lot of people have become more stingy with money, especially since a lot of us lost our jobs when the companies we worked for either closed down or downsized.

Presently, with COVID-18 still looming over us, we’re more mindful of our expenses, especially during this holiday season. A lot of us still want to celebrate Christmas despite the present world situation. It’s one of the things that can make us feel good about ourselves. So we do our best to cut down on other things so we can add on to our holiday budget.

That being said, here are a few very practical ways you can save on your utilities this winter season.

10 Ways to Save on Your Utilities this Winter

  • Set your water heater at a lower temperature

Most water heaters have their temperatures set to 140 degrees. This is totally unnecessary plus it can also be dangerous because it is quite hot. This temperature can quickly scald younger children but if you lower it to 120 degrees, you will have a safer and child-friendlier heater plus you get to save as much as 40% on heating.

  • Make your outlets childproof

An exposed outlet lets warm air out. This leak, although coming from an insignificant source, can still affect the temperature around your house. An easy fix is to use childproof outlet plugs to temporarily seal those leaks which makes your home a bit warmer.

  • Check your doors for drafts

Another notorious source for chilly drafts is doors. Take time to go around the house and inspect your doors for any

  • Change your furnace filter

Replacing your furnace filter ensures that it is fully functional and efficiently working. The more efficient an equipment works, the less energy it consumes.

  • Go solar

The sun will continue to shine even during winter. You’d be surprised at how warm the sun can be even on the colder days. Take advantage of solar power and divert it to your utilities. If you can afford it now, installing solar panels will definitely be a very wise long-term investment. If not, you can still use a solar power bank for charging your devices. That’s would help a lot in minimizing your energy bill.

  • Set your ceiling fans counterclockwise

Did you know that ceiling fans can rotate both ways? The reason why their blades are slightly tilted is they can be used to either push air down or up. Setting it counterclockwise will make it move warm air where you want it to.

  • Close the doors to any unoccupied rooms

If a room is empty and seldom used, there’s no need to heat it. Just keep its doors and heating vents closed to direct warm air into heavily used rooms instead.

  • Seal window leaks

It is believed that 20 to 30% of the heat inside a house escapes through the windows. To bring down the number to close to 0%, make sure that your windows are locked because it helps tighten the seals. If you still feel a draft after locking all windows, it’s time to reseal it. You can also keep your curtains or blinds closed as added insulation.

  • Use your oven more

We all know how hot a kitchen can get when an oven is used. This is why it is not recommended during the hot summer months. Now that the colder months are here, the heat that an oven generates when it is used can help keep a bigger portion of your home warm.

  • Turn down that thermostat

Finally, one of the best cost-savers during wintertime is turning down the thermostat. Turning it down by just a few degrees before going to bed can make you keep money in your pocket.

We hope that you found this list helpful. Regardless of how you decide to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones, even if it’s just a very simple celebration, the most important thing is that you’re all safe and healthy.

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